A lot of you have been asking... Are you still open?


We're very healthy, but as a precaution, all staff will be wearing masks and even gloves, upon request, during each patient encounter.  Additionally, we will be taking forehead temperatures on all patients who enter, as a precaution for us as a staff, and for all others.  Our intent is that this gives you utmost peace of mind as you come in for care, and so you'll see a "CLEAN" sheet on all patient care surfaces that have been sanitized.


Monday: 2pm-7pm

Tuesday: 9am-1pm; 3-6pm

Wednesday: 9am-1pm; 3-6pm

Thursday: 9am-1pm; 3-7pm

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday (every other): 9am-1pm

Sunday: CLOSED


There is still much more YOU can do to protect yourselves during these times.


Your immune system is you #1 defense against all bacterial and viral infections. Fortunately, we have ultimate control over the state of our immune systems and our families. Here are some of the best practices that we follow even in our own homes.

* GET PLENTY OF SLEEP. Often minimized as a source of immune response but studies have shown that deep sleep improves the immune system directly. Lower your lights 1 hour before bedtime, minimized backlit screens and cuddle with your loved ones till you are lulled into a drowsy state. Do not fight it. Let your natural physiology take over and drift off into a deep slumber.


* HYDRATION. The #1 deficient nutrient in most Americans is WATER. Staying hydrated is critical for EVERY biochemical process in your body including your immune system. The only side effect to proper hydration is that you will “pee” a lot. Inconvenient, I know. But a small price to pay.


* GET ADJUSTED. Regular chiropractic adjustments have been proven to boost your immune system (1). This is accomplished by improving the state of the nervous system which in turn improves the immune system.

We're closed for now, but we won't be forever!  When the coast is clear, we'll be here to help bolster your system for the next flu season, travel, etc!  The human body is a wonderfully-designed self-healing organism, and when the nervous system is working at an optimal level, every system, including the immune system, can have the opportunity to work better.

* EAT WELL. Be sure to eat a healthy diet. Avoid sugars if at all possible and do not overeat. Try to “graze”. In other words, eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of sitting and eating 3 meals and gorging. You all know what I’m talking about. This helps sustain a proper blood sugar level and prevents the moments of being “famished”. We all know what happens when “you’re so hungry you can eat a cow”.


* HEALTHY SOCIALIZATION. Although the government is encouraging “de-socialization”. I encourage you to reconnect with your nuclear family through conversation, family games and lots of hugs and cuddling. Family communication and physical touch have long been associated with decreased stress and improved overall health including the immune systems of the entire family.


The chiropractic industry is communicating together as well and as one of my colleagues said, “Let’s practice PRUDENCE but not PANIC”. Taking the above precautions is PRUDENT. Wearing full body suits and showering with PURELL would be PANIC.


Thank you all for the opportunity to serve you and your families.

Nate Porcher, DC

George Kakis, DC

Cassie Schroeder

Margaret Merz

Mary Anderson


(1) Chiropractic & Osteopathy September 2010 “Interleukin 2-regulated in vitro antibody production following a single spinal manipulative treatment in normal subjects.” JA Teodorczyk-Injeyan, M McGregor, R Ruegg, HS Injeyan 

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