Massage Therapy Services at Foundation Sport & Spine

At Foundation Sport & Spine, we recognize the power of multiple disciplines of physical medicine working under one roof to help you feel healthy and strong sooner!  We now offer the following Massage Therapy services by Licensed Massage Therapist, Ramona Magers, of Peaceful Intent Massage. 

Therapeutic Massage

We want to offer a continuum of care to help streamline your recovery from injury, or help you with your overall sense of health.  Come in and experience the unlimited benefits of adding massage therapy to your recovery regimen!  We offer 30, 60, and 90 minute therapeutic massage geared towards your problematic or injured area, to get you back to health faster!  


If you are in an active treatment plan with

Dr. Porcher or Dr. Miller, your Health Insurance plan may cover massage as part of your treatment regimen. Call the office now to find out more! (847) 342-3000.

Hot Stone Massage

Want to take your therapeutic massage to the next level?  Then treat yourself to a 90-minute hot stone massage!  Combining hot stone therapy with the elements of a therapeutic massage for your problematic or painful area will help encourage faster healing, enhance blood flow throughout your body, and promote deep relaxation and relief of chronic pain.

Pre-Natal Massage

Growing a precious little human being in your body isn't an easy task!  Why not help promote a healthy pregnancy and ease your baby-bump related pains with a pre-natal massage?  We offer 60 and 90 minute pre-natal massage for expecting moms all the way from early to late in their pregnancies.