It Matters What You Put Into Your Mouth

At Foundation Sport & Spine, we will do everything in our power to help you recover from injuries, perform optimally, and function free of pain.  An integral part of this is your nutrition, your daily intake of food and nutrients.  Most Americans eat calorie-rich food that is devoid of nutrition.  So whether you want your body to heal properly, get yourself back to a true baseline of health, or want to have an edge in athletic performance, we can help you through whole food supplementation and nutritional advice.

Whole Food Supplementation


At Foundation Sport & Spine, we are proud to carry Standard Process supplements.  These whole-food proprietary blends are derived from quality ingredients, many of which are grown organically on the Standard Process Farm right up in Palmyra, Wisconsin.  These supplements can help an array of physical issues, from proper blood sugar handling, to endocrine/hormonal normalization, and even athletic performance!  For more information on these products, please visit


Herbal Extract Support

Sometimes a whole food supplement is insufficient on its own to ramp up or calm down hormonal processes in the body, for example, an underactive thyroid gland, or fatigue and cramping associated with the female cycle.  For these situations, we highly recommend botanical herbs.  For that, we offer the full line of Medi-Herb products, distributed by Standard Process--a quality way to get your hormonal cascades back on track!

Nutritional Advice/Sports Diet Consult

What you put into your mouth on a daily basis has a profound effect on your body's ability to recover from injury, and to acheive peak performance.  In fact, sometimes the foods you are eating are actually the cause of your issue altogether!  We are often able to give nutritional advice for your particular situation, and help you get to a truly healthy standpoint so you can recover faster and perform better.