Ready? Get (RE) SET, GO!


Are you ready to make 2016 your best year yet?  You may have goals physically, professionally, etc., and they all start here.  With the Usana Health Sciences RESET, TRANSFORM, and MAINTAIN Programs at Foundation Sport & Spine, you can get a huge advantage in starting to re-build a healthier you in 2016.  Read Below on How to do the 5-day RESET, or 28-day TRANSFORM following the RESET



Order your RESET Kit, as part of your goals to make 2016 your best year yet!


Get a workout/health journal in which you can keep track of your workouts, weight loss, and fitness gains in the upcoming year.  Write down some initial goals before starting the RESET.




Pick up your RESET or TRANSFORM Kit, or custom kit, and start out with an official WEIGH-IN at Foundation Sport & Spine


Join our RESET Challenge Facebook Page to see how other participants are have done and are doing--a great place to share your experiences and be encouraged in your endeavors!







-Start your RESET (3 meal replacement shakes per day, 2 protein snacks per day, Usana's Health Pak--AM/PM packs, and one fruit, one vegetable per day).




-Start your TRANSFORM (either purchase the kit--set up for 2 replacement shakes per day, one protein snack per day, and 4 week supply of vitamins, or build your own custom pack)


-MAINTAIN--continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle with 1 meal-replacement shake per day (breakfast or lunch), 1 protein snack per day, and Usana's Essentials Vitamins or your own Custom Health Paks (AM/PM packs)




Keep Going!  You'll have had a great start, now it's up to you to keep going.  REMEMBER: This is not a sprint, it's a marathon!  It will be hard, but it will be worth it!


Pricing and How to Order:

You can order your RESET kit or other products if you want to continue with the month-long weight loss challenge by emailing us at or by calling us at (847) 342-3000.  If we are not in the office, please leave us a message or email us with your order.


5 Day RESET kit (Includes 15 nutrimeal shake mixes, 10 protein snacks, 10 Healthpak vitamins): $115*


28-day TRANSFORM kit (54 meal replacement shakes, 28 Rev3 surge packs, 28 protein snacks, 28 days' supply of Essentials Vitamins): $365*

Usana Essentials Vitamins-1 month supply (included in RESET Healthpak): $55*

9 serving bag of Nutrimeal Meal Replacement shakes: $33*

Usana Blue Blender Bottle: $8*


*All prices are before IL sales tax