Be the Hero of your own Foundation Sport & Spine Success Story...Just like these patients!

"My body feels better than ever before and I'm near peak performance."

      -Dylan Ruzbasin

"The relief is incredible and the pain-free days are special."

              -Erika S.

"I couldn't walk without pain last summer. Now I am running 20 miles regularly - pain free - as I train for the Chicago Marathon!"

                 -Matthew L.

"Since seeing Dr. Porcher for the past four months, this is the first time I have been relatively pain-free in six years!"                                               -Melissa J.

"I sought different treatments and was not very happy. I was feeling pretty disappointed and set on the idea that I was just going to be miserably achy the rest of my life. Since receiving treatment with Dr. Porcher, this the is the best I have felt in a long time."

                        -Iris S.

"His techniques are great and they have worked to significantly reduce the pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulders."

                -Linnea C.

"Would definitely bring my WHOLE family to them."

         -Karen S.

"Dr. Porcher is awesome!  Within a few minutes of talking about my post-operative pain, he was able to narrow down the problem and create a treatment plan.  I can't even try to explain what he does or how it works--I just know that it does work wonderfully!"

                  -Sarah G.

"I'm a track coach and I send all my athletes to Dr. Porcher when they have issues."

                 -J. Aikens

"I seriously would not have made it through many football or track seasons without them."

              -Ethan H.