Patient Testimonials

At Foundation Sport & Spine, Dr. Nate Porcher has been rated "Best and Most Innovative Chiropractor In Arlington Heights" by many of his patients, because of his unique approach to care and treatment success.  Below are some of the reviews that our patients have written and given permission to publish.

Mary Kay F.

-Fitness Enthusiast

Outstanding chiropractor.... It isn't just about your bones/spine - he focuses on body mechanics and fully explains wha...t you need to change/work on in order to get your body aligned and working at maximum potential. The appointments aren't rushed - enough time is scheduled for you to receive a treatment and ask questions. It also isn't about coming in "x" number of times for several years. It's about what you may be a few appointments over a couple of weeks and then tweaks every so often. After the appointment, Dr. Porcher follows up to make sure you are feeling good and to see if you have any additional questions.  I highly recommend that anyone thinking about working with a chiropractor to make an appointment with Dr. Porcher!!

Anna Marie A.

-Collegiate Dance Major

Dr. Nate is all about prevention. the first thing he does is evaluate you to find out why you are having the problem weather its from a sport injury,stress etc. After he works on those areas during the adjustment. He then takes you into the next room to show you strengthening exercises so you can prevent any further injury and how you can do them at home. My whole family sees Dr. Nate. I would highly recommend him. Thank You, Dr. Nate

Danielle M.
-Fitness Instructor

Dr. Porcher is one of Arlington Height's best chiropractors. I love the attention to detail that he pays, as well as the way he individualizes his plan for each client. After one session with Dr. Porcher, you really do feel a whole lot better.  I am a patient of Dr. Porcher's and so are several of my clients.  If you are looking for chiropractic work done right, go see Dr. Nate Porcher.

Dr. Kathy F.

-Doctor of Podiatry

I was very amazed at the different techniques Dr. Porcher used to help my neck and shoulder. He gave me good exercise tips and we discussed in detail the cause of my pain. Dr. Porcher took the time to explain any question I had, which is hard to find with doctors. I felt pain relief after my 1st session. Being a podiatrist, I would also recommend patients with pain in their foot and ankle to Dr. Porcher.

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