Your First Visit

During your first visit to Foundation Sport & Spine, your doctor will learn what they can about your injury or chronic pain, your needs, and your short and long-term goals for treatment, and briefly go through your health and injury history.


Once the consult is complete, your doctor will perform any appropriate medical-type examination in order to determine underlying reasons for your pain/injury.  Of course, over the course of your care plan, there will be follow-up, and continual evaluation of those same problems, to monitor progress, and ensure that what we're doing for you is working.


Throughout the examination, you will be presented with the report of findings, and will be educated as to why you are experiencing the discomfort/injuries you have had.

In most conditions, we will also order the appropriate X-rays, including Motion X-rays, to allow us to completely understand where the problems you are feeling are originating from.

For your return visit, we will go over the report of findings from you X-ray, discuss your specific goals, talk about all of the different treatments that your tailored care plan will include, and build out your care plan.

Should your condition necessitate advanced imaging (MRI, etc.), your doctor will refer you to the proper, trusted, medical imaging facility.